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* e - Stationery *

     Email can be so completely dull and impersonal-looking. The average illegible scrawl has more character. This e-stationery allows you to reclaim ground lost in this regard. You can use these to send beautiful, calligraphic thank you notes or greetings by email.

     The idea is that you use these in exchange for spreading the word about my site (please read the conditions of use before doing so). All you need to know is how to send, receive and edit email. See the HOW  TO section below for 3 very easy steps.

     This page contains thumbnail images of some of the e-stationery available. Some of the thumbnails are links to full-size previews. More will be added on a regular basis (monthly or so). Other ~ Free Stuff ~ sections to be added are Photography (mainly computer wallpaper), Calligraphy (wallpaper and e-cards) and Monogrammes (in case you find one that coincides with your initials). Suggestions are welcome.

For personalised or corporate e-stationery, please contact me on andrew@writtenword.co.za











* H O W  T O *

Subscribe. You will be added to the mailing list, sent a welcome note with the instructions, all the e-Stationery and each subsequent new addition to the catalogue. Subscribers will also receive a wider selection than the one displayed here.

1) Click here to send an email to me with, "e-stationery mailing list" pasted into the subject line. State your e-mail program & version number if you know it. Say "Ja-Nee" if you wish to recieve the Afrikaans e-Stationery.
2) To use e-stationery sent to you, select that email in your in-box and click on Forward. (Netscape users should go Message > Forward As > inline.)
3) Delete the automatically added subject and “---original message---” header then its all yours to add your own message!

If you prefer not to be added to a mailing list and only want to receive selected e-stationery, add the numbers of the items you'd like to the subject line.
Turnaround time from receipt of subscription to sending of e-Stationery is between 2 and 24 hours.

* C O N D I T I O N S  O F  U S E *

* If you subscribe, you will not be spammed with irrelevant stuff and your email address will not be shared with any third party.
* I have made the link to my site, Free e-Stationery by Andrew van der Merwe, www.writtenword.co.za/freestuff.htm, as unobtrusive as possible. Please do not delete it because the whole point of the arrangement is to attract traffic to my site.
* This e-Stationery is for personal use only. Any useage on an organisational or commercial level requires the prior permission of Andrew van der Merwe in writing. There are some examples of corporate e-stationery at www.writtenword.co.za/design_corporate_id.htm. Please feel free to contact me in this regard.
* You may not edit any of the e-stationery images, however you are welcome to delete the "Thank You" image (or whatever the case may be) and use only the stationery background. You may also delete any layout tables provided this does not also delete the link to my site.
* None of this work may be published on paper or to a web site without the written consent of Andrew van der Merwe who holds copyright.

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